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Real Green Lawn Care Program

1.888.Lawntec's trademark agronomically-engineered lawn care program comes with guaranteed results. We are the local lawn care leader serving Berkeley Heights, Chatham, New Providence and surrounding areas.

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Our Real Green Lawn Care Program is above and beyond traditional lawn care. 

At 1.888.LawnTec, we provide you with the highest quality products and services at the best price, guaranteed. Simply put we give you more for less. 

Our most popular lawn care program includes all of the following:

Free Soil and pH test for New Customers ($60 Value). Many times, the soil is deficient in important basic nutrients, therefore we provide new clients with a free soil test & analysis. Then if needed, we will apply a (no charge) custom application to correct any basic nutrient problems. Soil pH is also very important to grow a healthy lawn, we will make (additional cost) no obligation recommendations to correct any problems found. Then the program will maintain the proper pH level going forward. Sorry, free soil testing cannot be combined with any other offers.

Early Spring - We fertilize your lawn with our special balanced spring fertilizer that is slowly released throughout the season. This provides your lawn with a consistent delivery of nutrients for optimum turf health and beauty. Additionally, we apply a preventative crabgrass treatment to protect your lawn from summertime crabgrass and apply spot weed control to address any post-emergent weed growth. 

Spring - Once more a custom slow-release fertilizer is applied to your lawn, providing it with essential micronutrients, and we preemptively treat again against crabgrass. A bi-annual application of preventative crabgrass treatment is the most effective against this unwelcome scourge. Existing weeds are also spot treated. 

Early Summer - At this time of the year, our experts apply balanced, slow-release fertilizer coupled with surface insect control. Additionally, depending on the state of your lawn, we apply post-emergent crabgrass control, nutsedge control, and weed control as required.

Late Summer - We usher out the summer with a dose of balanced, slow-release fertilizer, ensuring that your lawn enters the fall with access to plenty of micronutrients. Depending on your lawn's specific needs, we also apply post-emergent crabgrass control, nutsedge control, and weed control. Our lawn technicians will inspect your lawn for grubs that start to feed on your lawns root system at this time of year.

Fall - We prepare your lawn for the coming winter with a balanced, gradually-released fall-winter fertilizer application that provides your lawn with vital nutrients plus micronutrients, beneficial bacteria, and helpful humates. Additional weed control is applied as necessary. Again our lawn technicians will inspect your lawn for grubs that feed on your lawns root system at this time of year.

Fall - Only 1.888.LawnTec brings vitality to your lawn by applying the new formula in turf health technology. This soil conditioning agent provides vital nutrients and minerals such as calcium, micronutrients, and bio-stimulants that help to maintain a balanced soil pH level and create optimal soil conditions.

Note: This 6th application is applied together with our 5th visit. Therefore, a double billing will occur at that time.

Real Green Lawn Care Program With Grub Control Service

This program provides all of the top quality services that comprise our Real Green Program plus features a preventative anti-grub application during the 3rd visit., therefore a double billing will occur on your 3rd visit. 

We're so confident that our preventative Grub Control Program will rid your lawn of grubs that, should any grub damage occur following our annual application, we'll repair the damage completely free of cost Guaranteed!

Back yard treated by 1.888.LawnTec with a Real Green Lawn Care program in Chatham, NJ.

Real Green Basic Lawn Care Program

This affordable lawn care program alternative provides awesome results and features every element of our indispensable Real Green Program, except for the application of the surface insect control. Based on your needs this lawn care program includes 4-6 visits to your property. Although our usual regimen consists of 6 visits, per your request we can accomplish your goals in as little as 4 treatments per year.

Want to keep your lawn green while going green? See our reduced pesticide options!

 We invite you to browse all other available options, and then call us at (888) 529-6832 to speak directly with our owner. If you're located in our service area, let us tailor a plan of action at the most competitive cost available today in order to guarantee your lawn a better tomorrow.

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