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Join us as we use safer plant health care technologies over outdated traditional tree and shrub care services. Currently servicing Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and other select towns.

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1.888.Lawntec Plant Health Care Specialists

Preserve the value of your ornamental trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants!  Landscape trees and shrubs can take decades to establish but can be irreparably damaged in a matter of an instant. In addition to robbing your yard of the beauty in which you take pride, damaged landscaping constitutes a lost investment that is difficult to recover.

Join the scores of satisfied customers in the Berkeley Heights, New Providence, and Summit and surrounding areas that have turned to 1.888.LawnTec to maintain and elevate the health of their landscape investment using any of the available treatments in our (PHC) Plant Health Care Services. Call us today at (888) 529-6832 for an evaluation of your trees and shrubs and let us develop a customized plan of care to preserve the landscaping in which you've invested so much time, energy, money, and emotion.

Simply Safer Tree and Shrub Care Monitoring Program 

This environmentally responsible program provides you with 4 to 5 visits designed to actively monitor the health of your trees, shrubs and ground covers. Our plant health care specialist will proactively address and treat any emergent concerns such as insects, mites, disease, declining plant health, and cultural problems. Our Plant Health Care Specialist will keep a diligent log of the condition of your plants and make recommendations for maintaining them in optimal condition. 

The benefits of this program include: 

* A low pesticide Eco-friendly (IPM) Integrated Plant Management Program

* Protect your landscape plants while also protecting beneficial insects, endangered pollinating bees and butterflies.

* Selective annual Root Feeding w/Biopak is included with this program.

* Ornamental Trees & Shrubs up to 20ft are included with this program.


Healthy plants and shrubs cared for by 1.888.LawnTec in New Providence, NJ.

Custom Tree & Shrub Care Services

Horticultural Oil - Applied in the early spring or fall, this environmentally-friendly treatment provides a pesticide-free avenue for eliminating insects and their eggs.


Systemic Insect Control - Foliar spray does not always work against certain strains of pests, so for cases like these, a systemic insect control can provide individualized protection to plants for up to one year after treatment.


Insect, Mite and/or Disease Control - Treatments will provide protection from a wide array of pests and diseases, including fleas and ticks. 


Deep Root Feeding plus Biopak - This nourishing liquid provides your trees and shrubs with a year's worth of fertilizer, micro-nutrients, and organics. You'll see your plants' health and vigor increase as your plants blossom with the radiance that comes from heightened natural defenses, improved root development, and healthier soil conditions


Winter Protection  -  Protect your plants from winter damage. Evergreens such as Rhododendrons, Hollies, and Laurels can take a beating from cold temps and dring winter winds. Our anti-desiccant spray will help protect your plants from the ravages of winter. Two winter sprays are recommended for the best protection. 


No other company provides as professional or competitively-priced service. Browse our competitors, and then call 1.888.LawnTec to speak directly with the owner, who will then personally oversee the care of your trees and shrubs.

If you're located in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, or another nearby area, contact us now for your free tree and shrub analysis and estimate.

New Jersey Certified Pesticide License #94858A

New Jersey Certified Fertilizer Applicator #C004782


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