Beautiful lawn in New Providence, NJ treated with organic based lawn care.

Nature's Way Organic-Based Lawn Care Program

We create beautiful lawns without chemicals! We're the natural lawn care leader serving Berkeley Heights, Chatham, New Providence and surrounding areas.

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Organic Pesticide-Free Lawn Care Program In Berkeley Heights, Chatham, New Providence & Surrounding Areas

Enjoy a lawn that is as gentle on the environment as it is on the wallet. Let us develop a pesticide-free, organic lawn care program for you!

Nature's Way Organic-Based Lawn Care Program (6 visits)

You don't need to compromise your commitment to the environment in order to attain a beautiful lawn. Our signature, pesticide-free, organic-based lawn program allows your lawn to stay green while going green. Chemicals are rarely used to guide your lawn to its healthiest state.

1.888.Lawntec's Nature's Way Program includes: Routine testing of the soil, lawn and site analysis and then a customized plan of care based on the results of our evaluation and testing. Then we choose five custom organic fertilizer blends for your lawn with micro-nutrients and micro-organisms that infuse your soil and lawn with life and luster.

As advancements in turf care technology march on, we have made it a priority to keep pace with all of the latest developments. You can depend on us to utilize the most up-to-date treatments. 

Green organic lawn care services done in Chatham, NJ.

Things to consider for organic natural lawn care programs.

*Unlike most "organic-based" lawn care programs our program is 100% pesticide free. 

*With the absence of herbicidal agents weeds and crabgrass will develop in your lawn. No weed control is included in this program since there are no cost-effective organic weed killers. However, an organic weed control agent can be utilized at an additional cost upon your request.

*Most "organic-based" lawn care programs apply traditional herbicides as part of there program. We offer the option to use spot treatments of conventional herbicides on a need-to basis at your request without incurring a price increase. 

*Insects and grubs may develop and create damage. We have conventional and organic insect control options available at additional cost. 

*Organic Lawn Care results are best when combined with yearly or bi-annual aeration and lawn-seeding. Then the rich, lush lawn produced by our proprietary grass seed blend endows your lawn with the ability to best combat the threat of weeds, disease, insects, and drought conditions.

*No other company provides as professional or competitively-priced service. Browse our available competitors, and then call 1.888.LawnTec to speak directly with the owner, who will then personally oversee the care of your lawn at a cost that the competition can't match.

If you're in our service area (Berkeley Heights, Chatham, New Providence, and other surrounding areas), call us at (888) 529-6832 and get a free natural lawn analysis and estimate!

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