Lawn Disease Control Services

Protect your lawn care investment! Our lawn care specialists will make disease control treatments to stop lawn diseases from damaging or destroying your lawn, service available in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and other surrounding towns in New Jersey.

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Lawn Disease Control Services In Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit & Nearby Areas

Ever wonder why the grass is greener at the golf course? Disease Control applications are made regularly on golf courses throughout the season. Want to know the truth about having a great looking lawn all summer long? 1.888.LawnTec offers a Preventative Lawn Disease Control Program or Curative Disease Control Applications. 

An example of lawn disease in New Providence.

Prevent lawn disease damage with 1.888.Lawntec's proven program!


We provide a Lawn Disease Control Program that is equipped with 3 applications applied at the most effective times of the year. Treatments made by us are the most innovative in the field, they are low-toxic and extremely effective. 

  • Lawn disease is common throughout the area during the summer months, typically a lawn will have a few active diseases at once.
  • Lawn disease comes and goes based on weather conditions from May to October.
  • Lawn disease develops in your lawn from stressful humid weather, wet weather, heavy thatch or compaction, other properties, lawn mowers, rain, and wind.
  • Some diseases only discolor the lawn and your lawn may bounce back in the fall while other diseases can flare up and cause quick and permanent damage. 
  • Our Disease Control Program will reduce disease damage by up to 95%
  • Applications are made every 30 days during June, July, and August.
  • Lawn watering must be done properly or it can create the spread of disease. Visit our Lawn Care Tips for info. on the best way to water and prevent disease.
  • Contact us anytime for a free inspection and prevention measures specific to your property.

We also provide Curative Disease Control Applications - Contact us anytime for a free inspection and control measures specific to your property.

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