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Deer Repellent Spraying Service

Protect your landscape investment. We only use the best proven & tested deer repellent products on the market. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! Available in Berkeley Heights, NJ and all surrounding areas.

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Professional, Effective Deer Repellent Spraying Services

In Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit, and surrounding NJ areas, our All-Natural Deer Repellent Spraying Services will protect your landscape investment from irreparable deer damage and reduce the amount of Lyme infected deer ticks on your property. 

Stop deer damage on your property and invest in 100% satisfaction guaranteed year-round applications of deer repellent spraying from 1.888.LawnTec! 

All-Natural Deer Control Program (Spring, Summer, Fall)

The benefits and facts of our Deer Control Program include:

  • Stop deer damage and prevent irreparable damage to your landscape and property.
  • Being able to enjoy the beauty of your annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment. Proven & tested industry-leading product. All-Natural, weather-resistant, pleasant scent. No chemicals or poisons. 
  • Create a safer yard for your family and pets by reducing deer browsing, deer droppings, and ticks.
  • This invisible application also helps your plants retain moisture which strengthens and increases plant's resistance during dry conditions.
  • Applications made every 4 weeks April thru October (Then add 1 DeerPro Winter Repellent Spray for 5 months of winter protection) 
  • If you are not 100% satisfied contact us anytime between our 30-day service program visits and we will re-apply for FREE. 
  • Treatments are not a guarantee against feeding, however, our deer repellent spraying is rated at a 95% effectiveness.
  • Treatments will greatly reduce but not stop deer from browsing on your property.
  • Check out our unbeatable Special Offers 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

DeerPro Winter Repellent Spray

DeerPro is the newest, tested and proven winter deer repellent on the market today. One application applied in the late fall to early winter will give your landscape plants protection all winter long. This synthetic product will leave a visible blue-green color on your plants that will wear & wash away in the early spring. Now you can get effective winter deer damage protection at a fraction of what it cost to make monthly applications throughout the winter. Invest in one application and never worry about it again during the winter.

DeerPro deer repellent spraying is rated at a 95% effectiveness for keeping deer away from your valuable plants and off of your property in the winter. For more information visit DeerPro Winter Repellent here.  Then contact us to become one of our many satisfied Winter DeerPro customers!


Deer intruding on a residential property in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Deer facts.

In addition to causing costly damage to your landscaping by eating it, deer bring an array of issues to your yard.

Deer ticks bring Lyme disease, as well as other diseases and are carried into your yard via deer.

They also leave dropping that is hazardous, especially to your pets and it is a pain for homeowners to have to remove.

Deer are creatures of habit, deer repellent treatments will remove the desirable food source on your property and will retrain deer to look for food elsewhere.

Our effective treatments work by both taste and smell. A smell that only deer can detect.

Since 1987 we have been improving our deer control product & services to a service that is now second to none!


Don't let the deer win! Stop deer today by contacting the deer control specialists at 1.888Lawntec Services!

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