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Aeration & Overseeding

Reduce pesticide use by improving the thickness, health, and beauty of your lawn with our core aeration and seeding services for properties in Berkeley Heights, New Providence,Summit, NJ and other nearby towns.

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Aeration and Overseeding Services are the pathways for a lush and vibrant lawn.

For years, 1.888.LawnTec has been the go-to authority in Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit and surrounding areas for customers looking to improve their existing lawn. We are the trusted source for superior products, application methods, and results, all at an affordable cost.

* Late summer / early fall is the best time to aerate and seed. We only provide spot seeding in the spring.

This service is only available to clients that use one of our lawn care programs.

* Sorry we do not spread topsoil, we do not install sod, we do not install new lawns.

Infographic showing the benefits of aeration.

Yard in Berkeley Heights, NJ after core aeration by 1.888.LawnTec.

Core Aeration

By moving aside compacted soil and breaking open the thatch layer, core aeration increases the flow of water, air, and nourishment to the root zone. In addition, it facilitates drainage, sets the stage for over-seeding, and maximizes the efficiency of applied fertilizers and control products, resulting in a strong root system. Let our aeration techniques provide you with a lawn that is as strong as it is beautiful, able to better withstand insects, disease, drought, and weeds. Note: Overseeding is done together with aeration.



1.888.LawnTec doing power/slice seeding for customer in New Providence, NJ.

Power Seeding

Power Seeding, or Slice Seeding as it is sometimes known, is used to infuse a premium variety of grass seed into an older thinning lawn. Our machine breaks up the thatch layer by forging small cuts into the ground that serve as pockets for the seeds to germinate in. The contact with the ground provided by these machine-cut slits is imperative to desirable germination rates and a quality lawn.

Showing the seeds that are used during spot/over seeding.

Overseeding and Spot Seeding

Improve your lawn by overseeding with the newest superior seed. Some of the advantages of integrating newer seed varieties include improved heat resistance, greener colors, and the ability to ward off insects and diseases while maintaining the capacity to weather droughts. If your lawn needs targeted-care in specific areas, spot care can be employed. Our top-rated grass seed blends are designed for the Berkeley Heights, New Providence, and Summit areas, and are specially-crafted for NJ.

Lawn in Summit, NJ that we dethatched.


A heavy thatch layer can cause a broad array of issues ranging from incomplete access to the root zone for treatments to a shallow root system developing as a consequence of water and air having a difficult time accessing the roots. A heavy thatch layer is a troublesome barrier to a healthy lawn. The experts at 1.888. Lawntec can power rake your lawn and remove the heavy thatch. Give us a call for a free analysis to evaluate if your lawn has a problem with thatch. 

Lawn Renovations and Repair Services by 1.888.LawnTec

Lawn Renovations & Repairs

Our renovations and repairs are typified by the expertise that guides them. At 1.888.LawnTec, we employ a marriage of state-of-the-art products and equipment with specialized knowledge of industry techniques to breathe life into any lawn we touch. 

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