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Plant Health Care Tips

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Landscape Pruning

Annual pruning of your shrubs and ornamental trees is essential to control growth. Improve plant health and increase the value, beauty and life of your landscape. Unlike our lawn and shrub care competitors, we do provide a professional pruning service. Many other landscape companies prune incorrectly which creates many problems and overall plant decline.

So give us a call to discuss your pruning needs and get on our pruning list. We take pride and give personal care to every property. We use the most effective and up to date tools and are knowledgeable about pruning of all shrubs, ground covers and ornamental trees.

Landscape Mulching

Mulching around landscape plants helps retain soil moisture, prevent erosion, helps reduce weed growth and looks great. However, when mulch is used incorrectly it can cause more damage than good. Here are some mulching tips.

Mulch to a total depth of 1 ½ to 3 inches.

Do not add a heavy layer of mulch to beds that already have a layer.

Over mulching creates plant decline and problems.

Keep heavy mulch away from tree trunks and the base of plants, and away from the siding of your house.

If the mulch becomes compact and hard break it apart, or water and air will not be able to penetrate the mulch leading to plant decline. This usually happens late summer and early fall.

We recommend a light mulching with a good quality mulch once a year or heavier every other year.