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Plant Health Care Services

Plant, tree and shrub care
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Maintain the Value of Your Trees, Shrubs and Plants

Beautiful landscape trees and shrubs take many years to establish but can suffer quickly from irreparable damage.  Protect, maintain and improve the health your landscape investment with any combination of our Plant Health Care (PHC) Services. Let us evaluate your landscape trees, shrubs and plants and then recommend a program and/or custom services as needed. 1888 Lawntec Services offers leading industry standard, reduced pesticide and monitoring plant health care options.

Real Green Tree & Shrub Care Program

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program will provide your plants with four properly timed visits of selectively applied horticultural oil, insecticide, miticide and disease control. A Plant Health Care (PHC) specialist will monitor, evaluate and record the condition of your plants at each visit and make additional recommendations as needed.

* Annual Root Feeding w/Biopak recommended with this program.

* This program also helps control ticks, mosquitos and gnats.

Monitoring Tree & Shrub Care Program

Our Plant Health Care Monitoring Program provides you with four scheduled visits to monitor, evaluate and record the condition of your trees and shrubs. On each visit A Plant Health Care (PHC) specialist  will make custom recommendations (as needed) on select plants based on preventive care and early detection of insects, disease or plant decline. 

*Eco-friendly Plant Health Care Program

*No applications are made unless we have the discussed the select problem and control options with you.

* Annual Root Feeding w/Biopak recommended with this program.

Tree & Shrub Care Custom Services

Horticultural Oil -  An early spring or fall Eco-friendly Tree & Shrub Care application that will help control certain insect pests and their eggs before they mature without the use of pesticide.

Insect, Mite and/or Disease Control - Applications will control and protect your landscape from a wide range of invading insect pests and diseases. Plus these applications will also help control ticks and fleas. Each professionally applied application will last up to five weeks.

Systemic Insect Control - Some foliar spray applications are not effective against certain difficult to control insect pests. In such cases, a systemic insect control will be injected around each plant and protect it for up to one year.

Deep Root Feeding plus Biopak - This liquid application will give your trees and shrubs a 1 year feeding of top quality fertilizer, micro-nutrients and organics. 1888 Lawntec’s specially formulated combination product will increase your plant's health and vigor, strengthen a plants natural defenses, encourage root development and improve soil conditions better than any other product available.

Wilt Proofing Application -  Winter burn can cause quick and serious damage to select plants in your landscape. This protective anti-desiccant application will help your trees & shrubs from wilting over the winter from drying winds and temperature changes.

*I CAN'T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH - Shop around then contact 1888Lawntec Services for the best service at the best price Guaranteed! Your call brings the owner and going forward I will be personally involved with all your lawn, plant and pest control needs.

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