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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control
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Eliminate Mosquitoes, Gnats, Ticks & Fleas! 

Frustrated with the large number of  mosquitoes and insect pests around your property? During spring, summer and early fall, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and gnats are an unwelcome nuisance. These out door pests can transmit West Nile Virus, Malaria, Encephalitis, Dog Heartworm and now the Zika Virus with just a single bite, endangering your family, friends and pets. There is no cure for the Zika Virus so Mosquito Control has proven to be the best prevention as recommended by the World Health Organization.

*For more up-to-date information and facts on Zika visit the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

*1888 Lawntec experts are licensed, trained and ready to reduce mosquitoes and other insect pests outside your home.

*Free inspection and mosquito prevention recommendations as needed on every visit.

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Barrier Mosquito Control Program 

Superior performance, best chemistry, best control. We will treat your entire yard with the newest, low toxic, yet extremely effective Mosquito Control Spray Application. This product also works well to help control ticks, fleas and gnats.  This spray is 90% effective and once dry your yard will be ready for family, friends and pets to play. Each professionally applied mosquito control application will last about 30 days. This program consists of  3 to 5 annual applications (May, June, July, August & Sept).

All Natural Mosquito Control Program

Our natural organic mosquito control spray is made from a very strong liquid garlic. This potent garlic has a natural sulfur that mosquitoes can't stand and it is deadly to them since they are soft bodied. This product also is helps control ticks, fleas and gnats. However it is totally safe and will not harm people, pets, fish, bees, butterflies, ladybugs or plants. The odor will become undetectable once dry but mosquitoes can detect the odor 10,000 times better than we can. So even though you can't smell it mosquitoes will stay away from the treated area for about a month. This product is up to 90% effective. Each professionally applied natural mosquito control application will last 20 to 30 days. This program consists of 3 to 5 annual applications (May, June, July, August & Sept).

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