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Deer Repellent Spraying

Deer repellant spraying and application services
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Deer Repellent Spraying Service (DeerPro Winter)

1888 LawnTec Services uses the newest proven and tested Winter Deer Repellent product on the commercial market. While most winter sprays are white our product includes a green tint that will wash off in the early spring. One application applied in the late fall lasts all winter long and is about 95% effective, it works! Our Winter Deer Repellent Application is affordable and effective.

Deer Repellent Spraying Service (DeerPro Spring, Summer, Fall)

Stop deer damage all year long! We recommend year round deer control services for the most effective control. With our spring, summer and fall Deer Repellent Service you can enjoy a beautiful garden and safer yard. Our professional applications are applied every 4 to 6 weeks. This invisible application not only protects your plants from deer but also helps hold moisture in the plant. This helps strengthen the plants and increases drought resistance during the summer months.

Deer not only cause costly damage to your landscape but also leave dangerous ticks and hazardous animal waste on your property. However if deer don't like what's on your landscape menu they will go elsewhere.

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* 100% All Natural Deer Control Options Also Available

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