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Aeration, Power Seeding and More

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Aeration and Seeding Creates Healthy, Beautiful Lawns

From establishing a new lawn, to improving or renovating your existing lawn, to spot seeding trouble lawn areas. 1888 Lawntec Services will provide you with the best products, application techniques, results and cost.

* Early Fall is the best time to aerate and seed.

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Aeration - Core Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to effectively reach the root zone by relieving compacted soil and opening up the thatch layer. It also improves drainage, provides a better environment for over seeding, and increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers and control products. This results in a stronger root system and thicker, healthier, lush green lawn that can withstand drought, insects, disease and weeds better.

Power Seeding - Power Seeding or Slice Seeding is used in the renovation process or to incorporate a superior new seed into a poor quality lawn. Our machine will break-up the thatch layer by cutting small slits into the soil, then the seed will fall into these slits and make contact with the soil. Seed to soil contact is essential for a high germination rate and quality job.

Over Seeding/Spot Seeding - Over seeding is done to incorporate a better variety of seed into a thin or older lawn. Newer seed varieties are more resistant to heat, drought, insects and diseases and are much greener in color. Spot seeding is done to repair select areas. We use only top rated grass seed varieties specifically for New Jersey.

Dethatching - A heavy thatch layer can cause a wide range of serious problems. Your lawn will not fully benefit from applications applied since the product will have trouble reaching the root zone. Water and air will also have trouble reaching the roots, which will cause an unhealthy shallow root system to develop. Insects and disease thrive in a heavy thatch layer and will be difficult to control. Dethatching should also be done before over seeding, or the seed will not be able to contact the soil. Your lawn will grow thicker and be healthier with a proper thatch level.

New Lawns - 1888 LawnTec Services can top-dress, grade, and install a new lawn of either seed or sod. You can count on us to get the job done right so you can enjoy a thick healthy lawn.

Renovations and Repairs - At 1888 LawnTec we use the most up-to-date knowledge, products, and equipment for our lawn renovations and repairs. We can convert the worst looking lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

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